Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 4:13 - 5:5

Paul describes and elucidates (brings light to) God's plan of salvation. Understanding this plan is essential to complete the foundational principles upon which our development is based. It is the foundation of Holy Communion and the reason why Jesus of Nazareth the Christ wanted us to remember Him. It is faith in these things that becomes the moving force that sustains us and fuels our "sanctification" which starts upon our confession that Jesus of Nazareth us Lord! Christ is the linchpin of the Plan. The universality of the Plan is presented here as being for Israel and Gentiles so there is no mistake. Where did Paul get such doctrine about the mysteries of the Kingdom of God? Saul of Tarsus (Paul) was a student of Gamaliel so he was a learned Pharisee. I believe revelation completed Paul's training so he could present it to the world to draw all humanity to Jesus of Nazareth the Christ. Judaism's splinter group (cult) called The Way (christianity) is the "ensign" to the world, not only after the resurrection, but actually is manifested "on earth" with Abram before his covenant with God due to His faith! The Law reveals and the Gospel saves! This is why daily communion is the advice of LITWChurch! It is the miracle of Communion Fire. Praise Him!