Love in the Word Church

Focus: 1 Chr 28 /Rom 5

Through 1 man named Adam sin enters the would creating spiritual death - separation from God. Also through 1 man named Jesus of Nazareth the Christ came redemption from spiritual death, bringing us back in right relationship with God and restoring eternal life. David says that everything we have to give to God was His first. Our very lives come from God. Putting the 2 understandings together, we can conclude that God did not create us to receive back from us what He gave us in the first place! God made us to worship and honor His name, freely. It is the one thing that He did not give us. He gave us our very lives but He was no dictator or autocrat forcing us to turn to Him. Out of our own heart and our own understanding we choose to seek him or not. Free Agency dictates that God cannot choose for us, but the Law of Justice dictates that He does have the ultimate choice on how He judges our final judgement based on the choices or fruit of our development here on earth. It is the reason why this earth was created. So praising, worshiping, and honoring God is a gift from our hearts to Him and He receives these gifts feeling good that His Prized Creation "chose" to return a gift in honor and awe of the very life He gave. This shows our development during God's educational program called life! So like David and Paul, let us gift God with our praise and worship, emulating His Love for Him and His creation. Amen!