Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 6

In Romans 6, Paul describes the motivation and the spiritual mechanics of sanctification - going from clean to holy! There are some new to the faith in Jesus that might feel that once they confess Christ and have been justified (free from the penalty of sin and therefore brought back in right relationship to God) that now any sin they commit is covered. This is bad theology and Paul makes that clear in chapter 6. We will be a slave to whatever we choose to follow. Just because we are justified by confession does not mean that we lost our freedom to choose. Free Angency is an eternal principle. This is why, once saved always saved is not biblical (unless they are taking about the 2nd salvation when Christ comes again) and this chapter is the proof text. Paul states that he uses the slave metaphor for explanation purposes. In other words, this metaphor is "parenthetical" and not descriptive. This means that it adds additional shading or meaning to what he is describing and does not describe the actual relationship itself. When Paul says becoming holy , this is the very definition of sanctification. Our purpose after confession is to become slaves to God by choice because we love Him. This means that we choose to be bound to Him because we seek Him. We begin to use His grace from the cross by repenting of daily sin so that every day's grace brings us closer and closer in likeness to Christ until we are holy like He is! This is what Paul earlier means when he talks about going from glory to glory until we are Holy like God when He comes again. Intentional sin has never been forgiven and will never be (Matt 12:31). Confession puts us on the team. Our faith through time, wins us the prize - glorification. We still have to stay on the team! Amen