Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 7:14 - 8:8

Understanding the relationship between sin and our human flesh is essential to joy and happiness. Paul describes this relationship pre-confession and post-confession of our faith in Jesus Christ. Why? Sanctification is the cyclical process of daily repentance and grace as we learn to rely more on the Spirit to become holy like God. This is the way we find joy and peace in this process. There is constant war between the flesh and its desires and the direction of the Spirit that can dwell in us because of the salvific (saving) work of Christ. This is the same choice that plagued Adam and Eve in the Garden - good vs evil. It still plagues us today because this is the design of God for this system. None of us could be saved on our own works! The Law of Moses proves it! The natural, carnal, and temporal human is an enemy to God. It has been since the Garden and always will be while we remain in this flesh. Paul describes this with clarity and vivid imagery. This is why we are given bodies of glorified (holy) substance when Christ comes again. The relationship between sin and flesh did not change, the flesh changes to glorified flesh like Jesus when as believers we are glorified (changed in the wink of an eye at His second advent)! Paul also destroys the power of sin to destroy our peace by giving us the counter point to our lament and condition (always doing what I know I should NOT do) - there is no condemnation for those who have faith in the Lord and follow His Spirit. This is the secret to joy and peace while in the flesh! So his point is do not waste your time lamenting over our struggle with sin, focus on and follow the Spirit! Our faith will be imputed (credited) to us as righteousness! This is the source of our peace and the inevitability of our joy as a believer while in this flesh. Amen.