Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Chr 8 - 10

David was a man after God's own heart not because he was perfect but because of his faith. David had Uriah killed because David had made Uriah's wife, Bathsheba, pregnant. David was obsessed with Bathsheba's beauty!Why did he not pay the price because of the Law? 2 Sam 7 gives us the reason - the Davidic Covenant is looking forward to (faith) in the Lord Jesus Christ. Earlier in Romans 3 Paul states that God used forbearance by withholding the punishment for sin because righteousness was imputed (credited) to them due to faith in Jesus! This placed David under the Gospel elevating him above the Law of Moses. Solomon is also under the Davidic covenant. The Kingdom splits after Solomon's reign due to Solomon's son's hard- heartedness. This divide was allowed by God to support the Davidic covenant and to fulfill prophesy of what would happen to Israel (12 Tribes) due to idolatry. The divide is never repaired and after the Northern Kingdom. Israel, is carried away and then the Kingdom of the Southern tribes, Judah (Benhamin รท Temple Levites) is carried away because of sin, it is only Judah, Benjamin, and Levites (Jews - those given the area of Jerusalem) that return from exile to rebuild the Temple. The other 10 tribes become what is called the Lost Tribes of Israel. Basically 2 tribes return (the Levites were not counted as a tribe because they became God's special property because of the passover of death when they were freed in Egypt). God kept His promise in David's covenant while still punishing the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel for their idolatry. Only Judah is recovered due to the Gospel Law of grace through faith! The Jews represents all tribes of Israel but are referred to as such because it was only the southern 2 tribes that were recovered after the exile). Praise Him!