Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 8

Roman 8 is the practical application of God's WORD to our lives. Read it in its entirety. It dispels bad thinking, bad theology, and Satan's deception - that God is the liar! For example, some use these passages as proof texts to convince others that after we are justified that it does not matter how we live our lives since nothing can separate us from God's love- bad theology and deception. This defies Jesus' teaching. Paul was talking to believers, those "chosen" by God before the foundation of this system. Since God is omniscient (all knowing), He knew what we would do, so when we are "chosen" by God, it is God's choice predicated upon our future action, not God's choice "in spite" of our future action- otherwise the laws of free agency & justice would cease to be laws. God is omni-benevolent so nothing can separate us from God's "love", but we can separate ourselves from Gid's presence by deliberately sinning against the Light (Holy Spirit). Those who choose against the Light separated themselves from God's presence in the final judgement because of their own choice to deny faith in the Son. God still loves them! Remember God loves those He chastens. God's WORD and His judgment must be just. Let us not question God's Love, let us focus on our sanctification- perfection in glory after our confession by continual repentance and grace to become Holy like God. Our works don't save us, faith does! Our works are iur fruits of our faith - a major difference. Praise Him!