Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 9:1-24

Roman's 9 continues Paul's discourse in practical application of God's WORD. The central theme here is that the Creator created the Created and He is sovereign over that which He has created! Humanity tries to reason justice through its myopic (short-sighted) stance, but who can counsel God? Paul continues to show that He chooses to show mercy on some but not on others. Notice the argument against predestination or unchangeable fate (that we have no choice, only what God has predestined for each life). The reader however must read these writings in context. The Creator is "just" because He is God. The laws of free agency and justice are eternal. God is not concerned with physical life or death (temporary or transitional state of being) but spiritual life or death (final judgement). So God will show mercy to those He chooses based on His foreknowledge of their choices and what He needs in any given situation to further His plan to glorify His prize creation. In other words, it is impossible in our temporal state to understand the Big Picture; hence myopic! Therefore, it is up to us NOT to analyze God's Choices but our own, and to rely on our faith in Him and lean NOT to our own understanding! Amen.