Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rom 11:13-36

Pride is one sin of humanity that Satan uses to keep us from focusing on God's purpose. This is why we say pride is the last sin that remains before the fall! First, Paul talks to the Jews first about their pride. Then Paul talks to the Gentiles about theirs. Notice that the outcome of uncontrolled pride will deliver the same result. The moral equivalency between pride in this "binary" (two-fold) system that includes ALL HUMANITY is set in these verses. To the Jews Paul says that your pride has made you reject the Christ so the wild branches of the tree (Gentiles) will be grafted into the root of the cultivated tree of Jacob (Israel). He says to the Gentiles that don't let pride get you removed because the plan is to save ALL Israel. Paul uses one against the other to balance them so that they both come back to focus on the root and begin to deny their own selfishness that has been controlled by their pride! In short, Paul tells the binary world if Jews and Gentiles that they needed each other to be candidates for eternal life with God! Paul announces the mystery of God that we will not understand why God did what He did or why He used them against each other. The answer is in plain sight- to offer mercy in the form of grace via redemption to give EVERYONE the same freedom to be glorified and live with Him forever. This will never be understood unless we broaden our view to match God's Global view of His Creation. Absolutely Genius! Amen.