Love in the Word Church

Focus: Jam 3:1-12

Out of the abundance of the "heart", the mouth speaks. Today cursing has become all to commonplace. Comedians have made it an artform. Even in professional environments, cursing has become far to acceptable. Our movies are laced with the F-bombs and many laugh. We have become far to comfortable with poor language. Satan has lulled us into personal complacency and our Lord is grieved! However, it is useless to "wash our mouths out with soap" (change our filthy speech). It is not a bad-mouth problem! It is a heart problem. I am not without my own sin and I would be an absolute hypocrite if I claimed that I never use foul language; so when I hear foul language, I do not act like I am appalled and have not heard the words before. Some may call that hypocritical, me bring a Christian. I call that NOT being judgemental. Sin is sin to God, so my sin makes me no better or worse than my neighbor. I try to set an example so that the person using foul language sees my life and is drawn to the Spirit of God in me. God gives the increase! When a relationship is created, association creates assimilation! This is why Jesus spent time with "common" people. Jesus said it this way, the well need no physician. Paul said I was all things to all people! So let your light shine to the world, so they may witness your good actions, and glorify God! To change the world, work on your own heart! Amen.