Love in the Word Church

Focus: Destiny

Destiny is funny because we often think that we are masters of it! This, I believe, is a source of frustration for many believers. Our frustration is directly proportional to our unmet expectation and thinking that we control our destiny is false on its face. Like the author says our destiny is written before the foundation of this earth. It was based on what we "would" do and what God's plan is for our lives. Our God is omniscient so being an observer in all time and eternity is of no great feat. It is what He does. We can seize the day and command our focus on the spiritual but controlling our destiny is like controlling the sunrise in your room with a blackout curtain that faces due east - you can delay its exposure in your room but the sun rises on time regardless. So let us do what we can by studying God's WORD and praising Him at every moment possible. Amen.