Love in the Word Church

Focus: Independence Day

As a veteran, it is clear that freedom and independence from tyranny and oppression are concepts that rule my life. We are so proud of the men, women, and families that have made the sacrifice and paid the ultimate costs for our freedoms and the freedoms of our neighbors. While celebrating with family and friends is important, equally importance is to remember to be involved and engaged in life for ourselves and for our neighbors. Jesus said that the world would know that we are His disciples, the way we have love one for another. Regardless for whom your conscience tells you to vote, please vote! Get and stay involved. The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing! Sitting on the sideline, regardless of your position is NOT okay. Many of us served because we believe and have trust in our system. Join Mary, I, and Love In The WORD Church in dedicating ourselves to Loving Well! Thank you Vets and their families for your sacrifice. We love you and support you. Amen.