Love in the Word Church

Focus: Acts 23:11-35

No matter how great the calling from God, there will always be those haters who want to maim kill and destroy. Saul had become Paul and his responsibility was crystal clear to him and to the leadership in the Way. Jealousy and control gripped those Jews who needed to have Paul dead because of his success among the Gentiles and his directness with the His Gospel message. So let us take courage and run this race with dogged faith and endurance. The Lord is always in control of our destiny so don't waste time trying to please others. In all matters to thine own self be True! Just deliver God's WORD and He will elevate you and promulgate His message. Be a living example of the sinner set right before God so that others will see your great work, but give glory to God on High. Carry with you the Love of God so that you can demonstrate the Care of God using the WORD of God! This is my prayer for you on my birthday! Amen.