Love in the Word Church

Focus: Acts 25

Honor and ethical behavior have always been eternal standards. When we choose to live by them, our lives appear peaceful and meaningful until we are faced with a world that is unjust. Felix heard Paul's case and desired that it was time to reap a personal benefit rather than be just. The love of money is indeed the root of all evil. In spite when Festus moves on to another job, he leaves Paul in prison for a crime he clearly had not committed. Those same eternal truths are the standard today and yes we still see injustice and inequitable treatment of people based on all manner of factors unrelated to decency and equal treatment of those in the court system. The Lord is still in charge and all these things are seen and God will in the end give us justice. Liars will not always escape the wrath of God and the demands of God's Truth, so be of good cheer, Christ has overcome this world and for this I rejoice greatly and I say again, Rejoice. Amen!