Love in the Word Church

Focus: Acts 25

Paul's experience with Festus, Felix, and the Jewish leaders is a great example of faith on Paul's part and on ineffective leadership on Felix and Festus' part! The lengths to which others will stoop to serve themselves is sad. Integrity is a concept that has been pushed aside for the love of money and politics! Paul knows the rules and with his faith in God, Paul utilizes those rules to dodge unfair treatment. This is akin to what Jesus meant when he told his disciples to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I find it worth mentioning that these 2 items represent Good and Evil. Gen 3 tells us that the serpent was the craftiest creature on earth, while the dove still represents the sign of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was not saying that His followers should be evil, but that they should emulate the manipulative tendencies (shrewdness) of evil when at odds with an evil system FOR THE DIVINE GOOD! Therefore wisdom is a commodity that is more useful to us as believers than gold. Pursue wisdom by pursuing God first and foremost and let the transformational power of the Holy Spirit rest within to direct your path! Praise Him!