Love in the Word Church

Focus Acts 26

Fear can often cause well meaning people to follow paths of darkness. Jesus called the Jewish leaders a brood of vipers. Jesus' word choice is not accidental. Gen 3 states that the serpent was the shrewdest of all of God's creation. Satan particularly liked serpents to possess as He did in Gen 3. Fear of obsolescence and loss of power is what caused God's leaders to kill the very Messiah for which they had waited millennia. So they fought against the very God that they claimed to serve. They were trained and knew better, but yet their own carnal desires distorted their purpose. Pride is the sin that allows the learned to usurp God's message and make it about themselves as though they were the source of authority or power! Saul (Paul) was one of them. The same evil reveals itself to Paul and now his fellow leaders seek his life. This same seemingly zealous defense of one position is actually demon-influenced and is alive and well today. This same pride usurps God's message and claims God's people as their own! Pastors talk ill of other pastors that do not agree with them. They set traps and snares to punish other pastors with whom they "compete". Leaders in high places embrace that which they abhor on the basis of partisanship . Love is the foundation of the Gospel and His Church belongs to Him and not to His servants. So let us deal with authority according to Jesus' teaching. We pray for those serving over us, but we follow God's plan in our lives as prompted by the Spirit. Examine yourself! Praise Him.