Love in the Word Church

Focus: Acts 27: 1-20

Opportunities come even in the midst of trials and trouble. Injustice often precedes these moments where God will turn suffering into purpose. When we love the Lord we are operating in the motive or moving force called faith so that when a teaching opportunity shows itself we are ready to seize the moment to share God's love and standard to those listening. Narcissist are so focused on their own needs that they will miss a great opportunity to turn hardship into triumph for someone else. Remember that God often speaks through ordinary vessels so that the hearers are drawn into a model-emulate scenario rather than the sign-miracle relationship overwhelming the carnal senses for a momentary thrill. Miracles are beneficial for the believer because they overwhelm the carnal senses to bring the believer into remembrance of some spiritual Truth. To the unbeliever, it can be a sign that falls on disbelief without the believer presence to enlighten and make meaningful. This is why Jesus said that it was a wicked and adulterous generation that seeks for a sign! Paul has been falsely accused, found innocent, but still incarcerated. He took the time to still look out for others. Let us remember this when trouble or challenges arise as it does daily in our lives. Focus less on what is happening to us and more on what opportunity of service is present. By doing this we bring ourselves closer to God through our obedience AND strengthen our faith, while providing a model of love and service to others watching or experiencing with you. Think about this! (Phil 4:8)