Love in the Word Church

Ficus: Acts 27:21-44

The shipwreck of Paul and the safe harboring of the entire crew has more meaning that the literal words on the page. This was a Gentile boat and crew with Gentile prisoners. The crew ignores Paul's advice not to leave Crete, but God has an opportunity for Paul in the midst of this pending tragedy. Christ means the Anointed One so Jesus the Nazarene IS the Hope of Glory. The crew is so scared that they had not eaten in 2 weeks. Up until their near demise the crew ignores Paul's advice, but Paul has won over the affection of the captain. So the Man of God prophesies that if they follow his instruction, not one will be lost. The men are fed the Eucharist appealing to their carnal nature to eat, but the writer here says their fear made them not eat 2 weeks. Adrenaline from fear keeps them from hunger. Paul has to convince them to eat so the motivation of the crew is NOT hunger! There is another meaning here. They have stayed away from food for 2 weeks - sounds like a "kind" of fasting. A true fast denies carnal appetites for the purpose of hearing from God. They all have a meal dedicated to the Christ that Paul serves -an act of faith regarding Paul and the Angel that Paul reveals to them. When we "do" something (act) on belief that grows to trust, often without knowledge or proof of authenticity, we call that faith! Then they all are saved from sure destruction because of their faith or at least the captain's faith! A miracle (sign) is performed to open the eyes of the unbelievers to identify who Paul and Jesus are! Trust in them both brings everyone to salvation from death. This IS the Gospel message applied to practical life in order to reveal God's Truth! I love God's wisdom! Praise Him.