Love in the Word Church

Focus John 3:1-21

Like Nicodemus many are learned in the ways of the world but stymied by the simple principles of God. While knowledge of the world around us brings great advantage, the greatest advantage of all humanity is to have a clear understanding of the principles of God. Many of us seek stardom and recognition when we should be seeking and serving God. An inward journey to seek God focuses our outward attention on the things of heaven that transform the lives and hearts of humanity. When we are engaged in such a manner, we become the hands and hearts of God. Our lives become filled and unlike Nicodemus, we seek our Lord in the light while standing amidst the dark. May we seek Jesus while He may be found and may we truly understand that to be reborn by water and spirit after we have been born into humanity IS the great secret of our existence. To choose good when evil abounds is the fruit of our labor. To praise Him simply from a gracious heart in the midst of vanity and voyeurism IS success! Amen.