Love in the Word Church

Focus: Hope vs Faith

Hope is good, but faith is great!. What is the difference? Action! I can sit and hope I will see Jesus someday or I can have faith that I will and do anything necessary to achieve the goal. Faith is a "motive" (moving) force. It compels people to “action”. Also in this race, we all can win, so it is not about competition with your fellow race runner so that we deliberately try to block others from passing us. This race is about community and motivating yourself first and then motivating others to join you so that your energy is split between your own race and those running with you. Faith leads and hope dreams. It is good to keep hope, it is great to keep the faith. This is why Jesus said love God AND your neighbor. His Way is ALWAYS about RELATIONSHIP of self with God AND others! If you are going to seize hope, why not seize faith. It is the focus that will not fail! Amen.