Love in the Word Church

Focus : Psalms 106:13-31

In Psalm 106 David is citing the struggles of disobedience, the insistence of faith, and the power of the One True God! Why would he recite these events and portray the nature of the followers in Israel. I believe because their walk IS our walk. Israel experienced the Hand of God and still fell away. We do the same things today. We watch a tree grow, a child being born, a person with a horrible disease that kills - live and yet go aimlessly about our business denying God's Hand in it all. We sit and Hope for change rather than seize faith and "DO" something for God. Let us read these accounts and purpose not to follow these examples. But to seek diligently the race of faith laid before us. Let us put off that sin that so easily distracts us and let us focus on that high calling that faith dictates, seize this day for Jesus, and propel all who will follow to new heights in a God that has His arms stretched wide to receive us ALL! Praise Him!