Love in the Word Church

Focus: 1 Samuel 25 David, Abigail, and Nabal

To repay evil for good will not be supported by God. I understand how David felt because I felt this way last week myself. But as David was thwarted by Abigail so that he would not sin, I was also thwarted by a friend! It is so easy for a gentleman warrior to flip to the warrior side when he feels attacked or repaid evil for doing good. It is human to react with righteous indignation when someone who benefited from you seeks to undermine your anointing of God; however it may not be the right response that God dictates for His servants. Thank God for the Bible stories and thank God for community. It has saved me for God yet again. Lord remove from me anything that offends you and we bow to your purpose for the battle is not ours, it is Yours. Forgiveness is such a powerful tool of the one who forgives. It frees the soul and opens you up for God's blessing. Praise Him!