Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Sam 2 and 3

So often when we get called to a great work, we believe that the road we travel will be made easy. Review what happened to David. David was anointed long before he was appointed King. Like David, often God anoints us long before He appoints so that we can prepare for His calling. Like David, Satan will use every force that he can manipulate into thwarting the call of God. God did not just clear the way for David, he allowed Satan to work against in order to prepare David for a relationship with Him. David had plenty of humanity's flaws, but David loved the Lord even as a shepherd. So David had to fight and trust in God to deliver him BEFORE he was able to unite the kingdom. No matter how bleak things looks, if you know God has called you to a purpose, just stay on target, trust God to work it out! Your appointed time is coming. Just walk in your anointing! Amen.