Love in the Word Church

Focus: John 14:1-14

It is essential to understand the first 3 chapters of Genesis to REALLY understand Jesus's discourse here in the 14th chapter of John. If we do not understand the Trinity, one might conclude that Jesus and the Father are the same "person". They are not while they ARE the same God! This is a basic truth about God but one will not believe the interpretations that have come out of a poor understanding of this essential Truth. The Trinity has 1 common divine nature, but 3 distinct personages. Whenever Jesus says "I and the Father are one", He is talking about their 1 common divine nature. This is called a mystery but it can be understood. The problem is that we often seek to understand by reconciling what we sense with our own temporal and carnal experience. The way to understand this mystery is to start with the divine to define our understanding. Let me leave you with this similar Truth - Seeing is not believing! Believing is seeing! Start with belief and all the rest is revealed. Amen.