Love in the Word Church

Focus: Matthew 18:6

In Matt 18:6, the Lord proclaims the importance of a child in the Kingdom of God. Why? Jesus not only explains that children are the model of Kingdom innocence, trust, hope, vulnerability, and faith, He also declares our responsibility towards them. They are to be protected and provided for at all cost; otherwise, the negligent and sinful adult would suffer justice for their sin. So as adults, when we are cursing, abusive verbally or emotionally, or perverting God's purpose for such as these young ones, we increase the ihr of the Almighty and He will stand in judgement for our actions. God is omni-benevolent (all good) so He is a protector of innocence and His omnipotence (all power) indicates that justice from Him will be inescapable and sure. So Jesus warns all hearers that our attitude should not only be like children, but that we also as adults are commanded to venerate and protect them. There is no reference to family so that is inclusive of ALL children. Praise Him!