Love in the Word Church

Focus: John 16

One thing is clear about the Lord's 12 disciples - they did not always understand and they were the closest to Him. Why are they portrayed so by the writer? Because they are "us." If the 12 walked with Jesus for 3 years and still often misunderstood, so shall we misunderstand, like the 12! The 12 are US in the scriptures -disciples that follow The Master! So what can we do? We must be like the 12 since Jesus IS with us every day - in the Holy Spirit. Jesus says here in John that HE MUST go away or the Holy Spirit could not come. The Holy Spirit is here to dwell within us so that we DO have Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Anointed One) with us all of the time. So let us honor the Spirit of God that dwells within us and work on an intimate relationship with Yeshua by studying His WORD, communing with His Spirit, and Praising and Worshiping HIM! Happy Memorial Day 2019. Amen