Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Sam 13

The of the most disturbing images from the Bible is the story of Tamar in 2 Sam 13. Not only is it disgustingly deceptive, it adds insult to injury after a deed that requires death. Tamar, dutiful and beautiful, goes to help a half-brother heal. She is abused and mistreated. Women have had to bare unthinkable atrocities in this world. If we are truly honest, they still do. From the abuse of young girls in Africa to the double standard prompted by fear STILL set an image of ungodliness today. As men of God, we MUST heed the direction and listen to the plight and complaints of our daughters of Zion. We cannot dismiss them as idle chatter, but remember what they have had to endure through every generation of this earth and on every continent. It is TIME for us as men to protect the integrity and honor of sisterhood, by showing some manner of honor and integrity in ourselves as holders of the Holy Priesthood of God. Time is short and God will not look away! Do the right thing! Praise Him!