Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Sam 17

Absalom's advisers told him to go after his father David and to kill him. What would possess a son who was protected by his father even after he had committed murder to then turn on his father? Honor and integrity die when we fail to nourish them with God's word. This passage has a message, though! Jesus tells his disciples to be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves (Mat 10:16). The serpent reference comes from Gen 3:1 where Moses says that the serpent (under the influence of the Satanic possession) was the most deceitful of all creations. It is because Satan chose the serpent to possess since he is immaterial (having no body of flesh or bones). So even Jesus tells us that when we deal with this world, we must be crafty and cunning for the right reason. The right reason being the purpose of God. If we do not know what that is, we can really lose our way. We were not made to be sheep lead to the slaughter following just anyone and getting advice from just anyone. Absalom NEVER stopped to ask what was right or to see if the Lord had called him to be king. He just listened to two people and chose from what they told him! Test the spirit with the Spirit that is within us and Jesus will show us the way. Being shrewd is not a sin, disobeying Jesus' word is! Wash your heart in the WORD daily and when trouble comes, your mind and your heart will converse and the Holy Spirit will testify to the truth. This is how you stay connected to the Vine! Praise Him!