Love in the Word Church

Focus: Heb 5:1-10

In order for Jesus to become an example for us and then to become the High Priest, He had to go through what we as humanity go through. Christ was fully human and fully God! Just because Jesus was the Son of God, He was not spared the journey. The writer of Hebrews speaks to these Jewish converts and knows what their weaknesses are. As Jewish members, they should be teaching others instead they are not getting God's message because of the hardness of their hearts.Notice the the writer keeps quoting from the Septuagint from 2 Samuel 7 - "You are my son today I have become your Father". The writer is desperately trying to convince the reader of Jesus' calling and station by using references from the teachings that they have heard their entire lives as Jews. The point to us today is that even God's people can go astray. Just because we are blessed does not make us better than anyone else. To whom much is given, much is required! Those of us who are blessed should therefore watch and pray that we too do not get lulled away into a false sense of security. Who do you think Satan will spend most of his time on? Those who have already gone astray or have allowed themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security OR those who are diligently seeking to hold on to the iron rod and do what is right? Satan's goal is to lie, cheat, and deceive to take as many people with him to Perdition as possible.The audience knew then, more than we do today, that when the name Melchizedek is said, they know that the King of Salem to whom Abram took his tithes was the Priest-King over the land that becomes later Jeru-Salem. This Priest-King of Salem (a derivative of Shalom = peace) was the High Priest of the highest order of Priesthood in the universe. We hear only twice about him in the Old Testament and then more not until after Jesus is glorified (in Hebrews)! This Jewish audience would understand these references and through logic draw them to the conclusions that ultimately must come by faith - that Jesus is indeed the Christ - the Anointed One - the High Priest King over Zion (the new Jerusalem forever fulfilling the covenant of David found in 2 Sam 7)! Amen.