Love in the Word Church

Focus: Hebrews 6

Like their forefathers, the Jewish converts struggled with faithfulness - like many of us. The writer uses a literary device by contrasting them to those who had accepted Christ and then abandoned Him. He says it is impossible to get them back to repentance. This would eliminate many of us if this were true. This was meant to have a jarring effect to get the point across to the reader how important it was to remain faithful to the basic teachings and to their continued diligence. This diligence would insure that they would not get dull in their faith. The writer pushes His Jewish listener past the basic tenets of their new faith in Christ Jesus. They need to mature in the faith was the writer's message. Even a child cannot stay a child forever and si it is with us who find faith in Jesus.
Christ is our High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek. This too is a reference to Torah teachings in Genesis that would easily be understood by the intended Jewish audience. The King Priest of Salem (ancient Jerusalem) was the one who provided dinner for Abram after Abram recues Lot from Sodom the first time. This is when the Lord goes into covenant relationship with Abram. Abram was the father of the Jews and this reference reminded us them if the Jewish readerd' hero of the faith. It is important not to crucify Jesus all over again by our doubt and dull divisiveness. Let us rejoice in the Truth and hold fast to our zeal we had when we first believed. Praise Him!