Love in the Word Church

Focus: Hebrews 7:1-17

Hebrews could have been no clearer written. Melchizedek takes center stage in this passage about the great Priest and King that was not a Levite. This was decades before Levi is born and denotes a Priesthood that is eternal. There are only references in Genesis and Psalms, and now Hebrews. No one is higher than Jesus who was given dominion over all things except the Father, but yet Jesus is said to be "after" the order of Melchizedek. We are told nothing about this Priest/King, yet what we are told is breathtaking! How could we as Christians ignored this for so long? It is written in plain sight yet I never heard about him until I was taught about him in a church that I was involved in for 19 years, which is just under a third of my life! Since Jesus is a High Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek, we all shall be getting to know much more about it as the Lord reveals himself to the world in these last days. We know what we need to KNOW - that Jesus is the Christ and justified us to the Father! We do not have to have knowledge of this Melchizedek Priesthood to serve Jesus diligently. In fact, this information about Melchizedek may be important but it is adiaphora from our human perspective - important but not essential for our salvation. Theologians, academics, and nerds like me may like to know these things but why would God reveal something clearly so solemn and monumental when we have a hard time living the "simple" faith that Christ has asked us to live? I am very clear about boundaries of knowledge and need. I know that we, as humans, do not possess all of the knowledge about this universe and certainly not about its Creator.
Wisdom dictates that we ask questions that we want to know the answers to, but that we do not establish our faith on WHAT we DO NOT know OR what we WANT to know! It is what we KNOW that is the "object" of our faith, but it is our FAITH that accepts things that are not as though they already are! So faith provides the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen, BUT the OBJECT of our faith MUST be known in order that we might possess FAITH! The writer of Hebrews says later, "that it is impossible to please God unless we KNOW that God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently and sincerely seek Him". If this is true, placing our faith in something NOT true will set us upon a path that leads to false belief and error! This is what many do today. In fact I too am guilty of this sin. When I placed my faith in my intelligence and acted on that intelligence as truth, it led me to rationalized things that were going bad in my life in such a way that I sinned against the Law of God, which i KNEW to be true. So MY truth led me to sin! This will be the result ANY TIME we place as the OBJECT of our faith something that is not ultimately true! It wasn't until I placed Jesus as the OBJECT of my faith that I began to understand that what happens to me here was never really under my control. I could merely choose how to RESPOND to what was happening around me. During my time of trials and tribulations, even by things shaped by my choices, Jesus, the Object of my faith was shaping and pruning and supporting me to get me prepared for MY Season! So Beloved, take a page from my learning book called life, stop now and make certain the the OBJECT of your faith is Jesus and NOT ANYTHING else or eventually, you are headed for major disappointment! To my friends who are not Christians, this is not a threat to your right to choose what you believe or how you serve: it is just a loving observation from someone who "sees". God has opened my eyes and I NEVER want to shut them again! Join me in praising Him! Amen!