Love in the Word Church

Focus: Heb 7:18-28

The writer of Hebrews really provides a persuasive argument to his Jewish audience about Jesus being the Christ. Jesus is a High Priest and King forever. His Priesthood unlike the priesthood of Aaron is everlasting and comes with a guarantee. There is no further need for vicarious cleansing through sacrifice because Jesus was Himsrlf the last vicarious sacrifice. Jesus rules above All, except the Father, because of Jesus's final vicarious sacrifice! The word vicarious only means that Jesus did His work on the cross for and on behalf of all sinners, not just for those sins that were current. Jesus had no reason to cleanse Himself from the Law because He committed no sin. This is why He was the Only sacrifice that could end all blood sacrifices! The cross would have been solely murder if it were not for Gethsemane. This has to be a lesson for us. Our day of reward will mean nothing without the triumphs and losses of the trials and tribulation of life. Jesus never tells us to put down our crosses here. He says just the opposite - pick up your cross and follow me. There is NO winning without opposition! So count it all joy. If we ever really let that sink in, what a change that very fact will bring to empower our lives for good! Paul writes to Titus about doing good for the sake of the Gospel. So if we are not motivated to do good because of our own desire to be obedient, do it for the sake of the Gospel message to change the lives of each and every person it touches. Our relationship with Jesus must become our key relationship- one of the utmost intimacy. There is power in live and Jesus modeled that for us on the cross. Will we continue to crucify Him by being disobedient, stiffnecked, and prideful or shall we embrace Him today by understanding His plan and executing it with flawless precision. My hope is the latter for us all! Praise Him.