Love in the Word Church

Focus: Heb 9:1-10

The writer in Hebrews describes the practical interpretation of the images of the Tabernacle. Once again, the audience is clearly Jewish because the writer is focusing on matters that are at the center of Jewish worship and the Law. Again the layout of the Tabernacle is deemed earthly and only a hint of the glory that resides in the heavenly Tabernacle, at least this is until the actual glory of the Lord comes down. Identifying the objects of the Tabernacle draws familiarity with the reader/listener so that they may be ushered into the conclusion that the New Covenant has begun, showing the defective nature of the Old Covenant. We have always taught that intentional sins were never pardonable. Jesus mentions this in Matthew 12:30, but Hebrews adds yet another proof text. Verse 7 says that the high priest entered the Most Holy Place once a year after blood sacrifice to cleanse himself and the people for their sins "committed in ignorance"; hence, unintentional sin, only!

The practical application for these concepts for those of us Christians living in today's world are these. The previous OT covenant was always meant to be temporary and was designed to prepare God's people to focus on the regulations and practices of worship as well as the presence of God in heavenly places. The Lamp and the Table of the Presence was to illustrate the total reliance on God and His ways to light the path and that even though we are on Holy ground before the Lord, we must cleans ourselves to abide His full glory. The Bread was always on the table to reflect that we are always in the presence of God's glory even though His presence may not be there. The very fact of a veil before the Most Holy Place was a reminder that even though we consecrate ourselves to abide His glory without His presence, as we wait for His presence, we must still be represented by a High Priest that is pure to be able to remain in His presence! Today thr is no need for a veil because of the grace provided us by the salvific work of Christ on the cross. Jesus has become the High Priest/King of the highest order to be our Advocate but the veil is gone because the Spirit of God dwells within us making us holy and cleansing us to remain in God's presence. We are no longer slaves to a master or even friends, we are brother, sisters to the Chosen and Anointed One - joint heirs with Christ! Amen.