Love in the Word Church

Focus: Heb 11:1-16

Today in Hebrews is by far for me the most practical passage that speaks to my life. Whenever I read verses 1 through 6, I am reminded how far my faith has come. I do not brag but state how hard faith has been for me to keep. I have always been in awe of my bride because she is unflappable. Her faith stood when mine took a hike! So I want to try to encourage those of you who are like I used to be and still revert to at times in the still of night when I am wondering what have I done! To doubt does not bother God because He understands the power or effect of Satan on our flesh. Even Jesus told Thomas that he was blessed because he saw and then believed; but Jesus said those who believed without seeing are more blessed. He did not chastise Thomas for doubting, Jesus blessed him. If you struggle with faith because of the battles you have gone through and lost, you are not alone! Even Jesus doubted in the Garden of Gethsemane, but said not My will but Your Will Father! This illustration by Jesus was written so that we might not possess this satanic idea that why bother because I am not worthy for God's help and favor anyway! This flesh was made to doubt so that we might rely on the Spirit to test for truth. You are not weak because your are scared in the face of hardship, you are human. It is often postulated that courage is void of all fear. That is a lie from the pit of Hell. Courage is a "choice" that decides that what needs to be done is "more" important than my fear. This is what Jesus modeled just before He was taken by sinful men and was deserted by the very friends and followers He had given His best years to! So, Beloved, give yourself a break. God does! When we stand against the odds, God does not credit us with courage even though it may exist from a human perspective. God credits us with FAITH. Courage is a human characteristic, Jesus proved that faith is divine! So stand even when all is against you. Stand even when you cannot see a good outcome. Stand when the world knocks you down. Stand when all seems lost. Stand when you can barely breath due to the pain. Stand when the very ones you gave your life for desert you. Stand when others have beaten you with no mercy and you can nearly come to your knees! You see we have it wrong. Many believe we stand tallest when we come to our feet . That's a lie! We stand tallest when we come to our knees to pray or even when we lie at the foot of our Savior. To stand to our feet in the face of defeat takes courage. To lie before God in the face of defeat takes FAITH. I am never taller than when I am laying before God. It is then that He fights our battles! Praise Him!