Love in the Word Church

Focus: Hebrews 11:17-31

The faith passages of chapter 11 in the Book of Hebrews is a direct linking of the Gospel message with the Old Testament. Since Jesus took on Himself the sins of the whole world in spite of time, this means that grace existed in spite of time! So when we see that Abram had faith and it was accredited to him, we know that it is grace that separated Abraham from the penalty of his sin. The entire purpose of these passages in Hebrews 11 is to show us that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is good in any season since it is eternal. The Old Testament prepares us, by example, to understand the difference between the futility of righteousness by self and the full cleansing of righteousness by faith. It is the latter that gives life while the former gives death. The writer's persuasive argument would not have been lost on the Jews. The people the writer names are icons for the Jewish people so when he shows that those icons operated from the perspective of grace, this argument is hard to miss. It can be lost on non-Jews who do not know the Old Testament well, but it also can serve as a draw for those wondering who these people are to draw them back to read. There is no NT without the OT and even though it can be hard to read in today's world, the value of that exercise far outweighs the struggle it is to read it. So study th Bible, both the Old and New Testaments and we will have a much better understanding of the Will and Way of God. Amen!