Love in the Word Church

Focus: Heb 11:32 - 12:13

I try always to be truthful, but I have told plenty of lies in my 63 years of life. I would like to justify myself by saying that most of them were for someone's good ti make me appear mible, but this would be an illusion or another words a lie about lying. As I matured, the lies we tell to protect ourselves gets generally less and the real practical truth becomes more important. The more I matured In Christ concepts like honesty, integrity, and directness become even more important. So I want share some of my truth with you.

Don't be weary when our lives seem hard and harsh. The writer of Hebrews says that we are just being disciplined by God. He says that it will not feel good when we are going through it, but the result will always be that we are closer to God for it, if we dont get in our own way. It's really all about trust. I must honestly say that I am still struggling at this. I am never upset or sad at giving myself to others, but if I say that I don't get discouraged when those we serve leave us hanging when we are in need, I would be lying! I am still a work in progress and God is sending what we need even though we do not get what we want. Trust is the key and so our focus must be on Him. This is easy preaching but for me much harder to live! So my answer to myself is this. It's okay to have faults as long as we are working to eliminate them and as long as we do not excuse our lapses of judgement to avoid accountability! I stay connected to my faults in order to keep me in right relationship to Christ. I have my lapses of faith, but I get right back up to start again. I understand Paul's thorn in his flesh because I see mine now clearly. This gives me peace and allows me to stay focused on Jesus and understand the faults of others. I want to be loved and accepted with my faults so I MUST live and accept others for theirs. Look inside, family, and hear what God is saying to His people. Amen.