Love in the Word Church

Focus: Hebrews 12:14-29

How glorious is this passage! This is a stark warning about holiness. That which is not holy cannot abide the Kingdom that has been promised by God. A direct contrast between Moses and Jesus is made. Moses complained how fearful it was to be in the face of God and now because of Christ our guarantee is shake-less and eternal as long as we do not mess it up. This is yet another verse to counter the once saved always saved doctrine that is a clear misunderstanding of the Logos of God. The fact that Esau sold his birthright for something to eat, which is a metaphor of how Satan tempts us to allow our fleshly appetites to overshadow our spiritual rights, is used to show what happens to those who accept this faith and then reject it - they perish!~

The contrast between the mountain of fear experienced by Moses with the mountain of joy experienced by those who accept this new covenant by faith stands in stark contrast with each other. As long as we have faith in Jesus and allow ourselves to be sanctified, we are guaranteed to be joint heirs with Jesus. This means though that we must avoid sin such as sexual immorality an continue to follow the Spirit on the path of sanctification, which is a process under the control of the Holy Spirit and grace, but actuated by our own diligence and faith working within us. Our gift is a kingdom that cannot be shaken and those who followed Moses could not even look upon his face without a veil after he had come down from the mountain. Today we have no veil while the requirement of holiness still remains. So let this be a lesson to all believers - that we should seek diligently Jesus as we continue to work with the Holy Spirit to sanctify ourselves for glorification! Justification and glorification are choices, but sanctification is a process! Praise Him