Love in the Word Church

Focus: Hebrews 13

To live the advice of Hebrews 13 is to please God. Do good to others, watching out for them. Do not only sympathize with those being wronged, empathize with them and let your faith in God move you to action. It is easy for those who do not understand our faith in Jesus to see suffering and become complicit with those who do nothing because the suffering has not touched their door. It is easy for them to sleep as long as their bellies are full and their lives are protected. It is easy to say for them that these are others' problems; but is this godly? Yes we are our brothers' keeper and no greater love has man than this - to give up one's life for a friend. When we see our neighbors as friends, the extension of our love to them becomes a noble deed. God is calling some of us to proclaim the WORD in the midst of Satan's successful division of the church by lulling the righteous to sleep while on duty to our world. We will give $1 million to a man with sign on tv saying that he needs money for his beer allowance for his sporting attendance, but not give a cent to a Church clearly trying to help others. We will say that we believe in Christ, but support men of amoral conviction and lying tongues and see no hypocrisy in it! We will use volunteers who give their all for our causes and then treat them worse than an enemy when they fear a lie! Many of us, as Christians, are just list in the woods even though we know the way home!

Unless all are fed and safe none of us is satiated or secure. Unless all are free and respected, none of us is free and respected. It has been said that the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing, to become complicit in the face of , well, wrong! Wake up O Zion. The Watchmen cry out, "The enemy is at our door! The ravenous wolves are preying on our youth while our seasoned citizens argue about who is right!" Beloved, join us at LOVE IN THE WORD CHURCH. Join this movement to show God's love IN US to the world. You do not have to leave your brick and mortar shrines to ego, just help support those who are dedicating their very lives to cure suffering, hate, and avarice in THIS world. Praise Him by getting involved today. Amen!