Love in the Word Church

Focus: James 1:1-18

Adding James to our discovery of the plan and Will of God allows the believer to get a better understanding of what God expects from us. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, we hear that out of the mouth of two or more witnesses will Truth be established. From Paul's main point that we are saved by grace and not by works, James adds the balance that faith without works is dead! James lets us know that the expected life of a Christian believer is to be steeped in challenges and in fact we should not only stop complaining but we should consider it joy! This is a strange and certainly not "organic" view of life for a human being and certainly not for us as Americans. James lets us know it is the testing of our faith that gives way to our true strength in Christ Jesus- a mature faith that will not bend like a reed in the wind! With this faith, we will lack nothing, but if we waiver, we can expect nothing from God. So the point is to mature our faith so that we rely fully on God! If we then want anything from God, we need to use this faith and expect that God will provide. I have always wondered why we must be tested but building muscle exposes the key. It is through resistance that our muscles are broken down to produce stronger connections. The stronger the connections (sacromeres), the more weight can be sustained by the muscle. Faith, like a muscle deals with force of movement and if we are to be of use to God, we must be able to deal with the challenges of evil. We cannot destroy evil in the universe any more than we can destroy good. Why? The Law of Opposites tells us that you cannot have good unless you have evil. They define one another. So God will "subdue" Satan, not destroy Satan for all time and eternity. Satan will remain very much alive. This great experiment called the earth was a place of Choice and gaining wisdom and knowledge through connecting to the Creator via Faith! So let us understand this point - that God God wants us to become faith-builders here so that we might handle our tasks with Christ when we are made joint heirs with Him.In this way, those who get this and succeed are truly a "kind of firstfruits of all He created" because they from a human form succeed in overcoming evil to become glorified like Christ. All will not achieve this, but it is available to EVERYONE! Will you be among these firstfruits? Praise Him!