Love in the Word Church

Focus: James 2:18 - 3

In James' clear understanding about faith and action, he shows using scriptural passages that faith without action is not faith. In fact he calls it useless! It is indeed dead and good for nothing. Faith does not lull us to sleep but propels us to action. Actions to right wrongs and uphold justice for all. Faith acts when evil appears to overcome good. Faith decides to stand even when others around us are complicit. Our actions are a lot more revealing of Truth than our words; so it is not strange that James next point is about the absolutely untamability of the tongue. It is noteworthy to note that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So if our heart is venomous, what our tongue spews is poison after the very nature of the heart. If our heart is deceitful, our words will seek to hide our sin and speak directly opposite of truth to cover our true motive! We bless with the same mouth that we curse others. So this teaching shows us that we should never underestimate Satan's influence here on earth. The wisdom that we have acquired should send us running to the thrown of God so that we may overcome the unruly nature of our own tongue under the influence of Satan - the god of this world. So let us continue to counter Satan's influence by clinging to Communionfire to burn off the dross of our lives. How can darkness in our life stay when Light enters our heart. Communion brings us back to the Light. It draws our thought back to the Author, Sustainer, and the Finisher of our faith. So when we are brought back into "common union" with God at the table in His presence, darkness cannot stay and we grow closer to God as He burns off the impurities that so readily infects us. To reach high to heaven kneel or lay before the Lord. A no other time are we more powerful than when we place ourselves in this posture. Amen.