Love in the Word Church

Focus: James 4

Our lives are but a moment in time! So it is important to set the right priority and focus on those things that make sense. Jesus said seek first God's Kingdom and all other things will be added to us. This seems to me like a perfect number 1 on my list. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that we must know that God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. The Spirit of God will shape our hearts. So if we want to change our lives, change our attitude. If we want to change our attitude, change our hearts. It is out of the abundance of the heart, does our mouths speak.

James said the we cannot be a friend of the world and a friend of God. This needs some context or it like any scripture isolated can lead to erroneous conclusions! I call this the Social Media clause of the New Testament. To be a friend to the world in this sense means to "follow" the world and to "like" what the world is doing. Like on social media, there are those who have no rules, no morals, and no shame. Some people flaunt their sexuality and lose moral system and they use uncontrolled human appetite to seduce many into their hands. They believe nothing so they "stand" for nothing! They are hard. Ignorant of social grace, and proud of their shock value. They judge and use hate-filled rhetoric and bully others. This is the ethos of the world which is under the power of Satan. So in this sense to "befriend" the world is to display and honor the things the world honors. These things satisfy our flesh but maroon our Spirit. So it is essential not to Like or Follow the world. We as Christian's must follow and like God! Indeed, this is why He saved us!

James tells us to avoid judging others and know that our tomorrows are NOT promised to us. It is arrogant to think that we can make plans without consulting the Madter Scheduler in our lives. So hit pause! Kneel and bow our heads in honor or lift our hands in praise and FOLLOW Jesus. As He promised everything will come into view! Praise Him!