Love in the Word Church

Focus: 3 John 1:1-8

Our physical well being is connected to our emotional well being. Our emotional well being is connected to our spiritual well being. Our ........Let's call the whole thing off! Smile! Well whether you got my outdated reference to a song that we sang when I was a boy, the point is this. If we want to feel good and do good, then we have to be good! Jesus can help us with this, In today's passage He tells Gaius that he has heard from the saints that he has been faithful to the Gospel and that he continues to walk in the Truth. No better message can a father in the faith get about one of his spiritual children. That means that we have made a difference in someone else's life. John wants us all to know that when we are spiritually fine, Jesus' promise about unspeakable joy does envelope us. This weekend as you go about your way, let us remember to thank the Lord for His kindness to us. There are many that went to bed last night that did not get up. If you are reading this... then you are blessed. I bear witness to you today that God wants you to be happy, full of joy! We pray for your weekend. We pray for your family and most of all we pray for your good! May the Lord bless you and keep you this day and EVERY day. Amen!