Love in the Word Church

Focus: Reliability

Today's message is not based in any one scriptural reference because it is a quality of character that is a surrogate for a person's overall character. To be reliable is to be able to be counted upon to do what you said that you would do and could do. A person who is reliable is consistent to the point that others put their trust in them and make them responsible for outcomes. Jesus was reliable because He was a servant. He constantly looked to serve others and to pull out of them even more than they ever expected from themselves. Do you have a servant's heart? Are people looking to you to help them succeed or are you always by yourself seeking to better yourself more than you help build others? Well if you are the latter, a course correction could increase your level of awareness. Focus on the story of Jesus and how He was so reliable in serving and living others and follow suit. If you are one of the former, stop long enough to mentor and teach someone else and you will find that reliable people are more sought out. They are happier and live more fulfilled life. The question is, is this you? Serve others and Excel where it counts and then reliability becomes second nature. Amen.