Love in the Word Church

Focus: 1 Peter 3:8-12 Suffering for Doing Good

It is better to do good and suffer for it than to do evil and burn for it! Peter knew this all too well as he wrote this passage in 1 Peter. We live in a world that loves to exact punishment for disobedience and nationalism for diversity. We will NEVER speak politics here at LITWChurch, because we leave your vote up to your own conscience, but I do LOVE to speak Bible History!
In Peter's day there was no middle class. There were workers and owners - the Haves and the Have Nots! It appears that those who have do not want others to get because it may somehow diminish the value of what they have. Satan uses "things" to tempt our flesh and often our flesh is powerless to resist, unless we know Jesus. Social justice can be found all in the teachings of Jesus. There is a right way and a way that leads to Hell!The United Order (all things in common) was a hallmark of the Apostolic church but yet many have made the name socialism a bad word in our day. But what does Christ say? Matthew 25 talks about our responsibility to our fellow human to others. Jesus said, "When I was hungry, you gave me food. When I was thirsty, you gave me drink. When I was sick or in prison, you cared for me and you came to visit me." The disciples, thinking that Jesus was speaking literally, asked, "When did we see you hungry and feed you, see you thirsty, and give you drink, see you sick or in prison, and care for you and come visit you?". This was a set up line because Jesus says, "As you have done for the least of my brethren so have you done unto me!". Irrefutable!

As Christians, we are suppose to change the world and not act like the world. So when we stand for Jesus, we stand for what Jesus stands for. This position sounds like foolishness to the world. That is always when I know that I am on the right track! Amen!