Love in the Word Church

Focus: Rising Above Pettiness

On the day before Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the bounty that God had provided us. When God blesses us, we should be able to bless others; however, in many churches today leadership does not care about right or wrong, they only care about how it appears. When people feel hurt or have been hurt by seemingly well meaning people, humanity says it is not my problem. The true problem is that this attitude is prevalent even in the seemingly popular churches. The church in many cases acts like the world and even though God gets it, it grieves His heart. However, today I am thankful that my parents taught me the Bible, rather than religion, and held me accountable to it. Even though my gut tells me to retaliate for people's pettiness and inability to deal with truth, I am so thankful that my mother expected me to rise above pettiness and allow God to be the defender of my honor. My honor has taken a beating this year and it appears that there is no end in sight. I am thankful for self control and God's love. Beloved when you are hurt by those you love, hold your head up and praise God for His love. When people lie and cost you dearly, hold you head up and praise God. When you serve and give your all only to be thrown away like yesterday' trash, hold your head up and praise God. God wouldn't bring you to it, unless He planned to bring you through it! Trust this that God is faithful even when your best friends show that they do not care. Praise Him today and every day. Amen!