Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Cor 5:11-21

Paul tells us that we are involved in a ministry of reconciliation. The word reconcile means to bring "back" into balance or to restore something back to its original purpose or state. We must regard the world, not from a earthly or worldly view, but from heaven's perspective. This is one of the great sins of the bigot or anyone who claims superiority or dominance over another who is different from him or her! We do God a disservice when we view our neighbors as the rest of the world does. God IS Love! So God always seeks to reconcile us to himself. He did this work through His son, Jesus of Nazareth. So Paul says that when we become a believer, we become a new creation in Christ Jesus! How else will the nonbeliever know God unless they see God in us? This is why we are ambassadors to the WORLD for the Lord Jesus Christ! Practicality dictates that this newness does not magically happen in a moment. We do not make the confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and "poof" we act differently. This is NOT what the scripture means. The potential for newness DOES happen this way. When we accept Christ, we become in from heaven's perspective which places a "new potential" immediately in us on earth! Because of our confession, we can now become something different than we could have BEFORE the confession. Don't get it twisted! There is no magic! Once under this new potential, if we continue to diligently seek Him, our faith is further sharpened and awakened and we grow in glory to glory. This is the process known as sanctification. Do not be deceived, we do not sanctify ourselves, but by constant review of our lives daily, repenting of lingering sin and applying grace, and calling upon the Lord to develop your relationship with HIM, brings us more and more glory! (2 Cor 3) We start becoming more like God at a pace that is 100% under our control! Be Bold! Believe! Praise Him!