Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Cor 6:24 - 7:7

Today we see the importance of harmonizing every passage we read in the Bible with the Truth that it represents. Those who do not would conclude from the passage in 2 Cor 6 that God wants us to shun the unbeliever and have nothing to do with them. This would be a great tragedy and antithetical with what the Bible means. Its story is one of Love and Care for ourselves AND our neighbors. Even in the 2 Cor 7 passage, i believe there is enough evidence to say that Paul would conclude that the previous passage could be misleading if read in isolation. To be sanctified and holy means to be "set" apart for special dealing/handling from God. It does not mean cut yourselves totally off from nonbelievers. Separate ourselves from them according to our faith because "our" faith should guide and control our actions. It isn't even our job to convert others. Only God can give the increase. It is our job to be ambassadors, planting and watering and remaining true to our faith. God told Jeremiah that I sent you out to change the world not have the world change you. We need to be "in" the world not "of" it. This means that we reside in peace in the world while living centered on our faith. God does not divide! He adds and multiplies! Free agency allows God the privilege of raining and sunning the just and the unjust, the believer and the unbeliever, the good and the evil! Ecumenicalism is a gift of God's love in practice. Isolationism and Separatism are deceptions of Truth by Satan! Many untrue beliefs exist about Christians in part because of the misguided zealots that confuse holiness with bigotry! Even the white supremacist is worthy of our love if we are worthy of God's. We should love them and abhor their misguided mindset. Others' beliefs and actions do not dictate our own. Our beliefs and actions come from our faith. This is how we can be steadfast, immovable, and still be a warrior! Christianity isn't pacifism, it means our actions are lead by our consistency with our faith. Even Christ turned over the table of the merchants and the money exchangers in the Temple. If we fight, we fight because the Spirit dictates it! Humility is not meekness. It is awesome power under control of the Holy Spirit within us! Praise Him.