Love in the Word Church

Focus: Ecclesiates 7 - 9

I have always struggled trying to understand the Book of Ecclesiastes. Even now, some of its teaching seem counter-intuitive. It is because they are! It wasn't until last year that I did a You Version Plan on the book and it gave me a different perspective. The Book was written by Solomon, most think and he had asked God for Wisdom. I believe the aim of the book is "human" wisdom in action apart from God. Its point of view or perspective seem to be all over the place unless we see the book for what is it- the futility of human wisdom and logic apart from God! Human wisdom at its best cannot ever approach the understanding of God. If we try to use life experience ONLY as our source of information "apart from God" (experiential knowledge rather than knowledge guided by faith in God), no matter how wise we are, we will not understand what God understands. The world would look meaningless because we could see no order! From our perspective, life would be meaningless! Why? It is that human logic and wisdom takes God out of the equation. I find this to be the problem with many philosophies. I fact, the word "philosophy" is made up of two Greek words. Philo mean brotherly love and sophia means wisdom. So philosophy is the study of the love of wisdom. Personally, I think that this is the problem we see in this book of the bible. I am going to make up my own word - agapetheos (the unconditional love of God). Ecclesiastes is written from a human perspective "about" life and not from a God-centric perspective. From a human perspective, life is meaningless because good happens to bad people and bad happens to good people. It appears to be a mystery "to the human mind", no matter how wise. Therefore the True wisdom is this - it is to understand that we must love God and learn how to apply His principles in our lives. And oh yes, stop trying to understand fully why God does what He does on earth. We shall understand it better by and by! It's called FAITH. Amen!