Love in the Word Church

Focus: Song of Songs 1-4

I find it that most people that are quizzed about Solomons's Song of Songs would rather just not answer! I tried to write my thoughts today about 2 Cor 8:16-24, but for some reason, I was drawn to tackling this Old Testament passage. Maybe someone reading this needs it. Either way, here it goes. There are 3 camps of justification that explain the Song of Songs - one is literal and the other 2 are allegorical and "seemingly" diametrically opposing (directly opposite) views of each other. No matter which is preferred there is at least 1 undisputed truth. This song, Solomon thought was the best of over 1000 songs he had written. We know this by the form used to show superlatives (the highest and best of a matter or group). Lord of lords and King of kings are 2 examples that supports this Jewish cultural linguistic habit. The literal interpretation that Solomon is trying to convince yet another woman to his harem begs to ask then why is this book present in the canon of scripture? Even if this is true in actuality that cannot be the "purpose" for obvious reasons.The Bible being inerrant (never wrong) dictates one or both of the allegorical purposes of this biblical book in my opinion. Either Solomon represents God and the black woman, Israel or Solomon represents the world trying to entice the black woman (believers) from her true love Jesus Christ, to whom she is writing. Before we offend someone, I bring attention to her coloring or race because the writer made a specific and well defined point of it. Nothing is ever written in scripture for no reason! Even though I prefer the former allegorical interpretation, a good argument could be made that it is both - the first a standing allegory to the Jews to remain faithful looking still to God today for their Messiah to come (the message of don't give up hope) and the latter to the Church of the saints (believers) of God who have already found their Lord, Jesus the Christ! The first group is still under the Law of Moses and has yet another chance at the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ and the second is still under the Gospel or the Law of grace. Both groups are still unified regarding the One True God, existing side by side still today in this world just as when Paul talks about both in these coexisting terms in 2 Cor! Just a thought! Praise Him.