Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Cor 11

2 Cor 11 is yet another verse that people use as proof texts to justify their argument against including some churches as Christians. We all know that scripture is good for doctrine, teaching, and reproving, but love must be the basis of our actions if we wish to harmonize all proof texts with the Bible! Paul had a seemingly similar problem, but there are some major differences. Paul was taught by Gamaliel in Judaism and he was taught by Christ and the Apostles in The Way. Jesus before His crucifixion told the 12 that He had trained to let those who claimed to be a part alone for those not against us are for us? Why? I can see two reasons that harmonize with what we know about God. First, God's house will stand and grow if it is of God! Second, Jesus and his appointed, according to Revelations, will judge humans on their own actions. There is a major difference between evil motives and incorrect conclusions. One is motivated by evil and the other ignorance. Paul was talking about evil disguising darkness as light- evil motives. Whether fruit is bad or good is more than looking at how it compares to ourselves. We must inspect the fruit or actions of others to determine their motivation. Action plus motivation is the only way to determine evil bs good as long as God's Spirit is at work in you. The Spirit is the great discerned! To do so means to hold dear the possibility of oneself being wrong. This causes so much problem today because way too often are we merely making comparisons between what others preach and what we believe, rather than testing their motive. Why? Because often we think that we can't be wrong! Jesus did not say that his disciples were wrong to say that those trying to perform in Jesus' were wrong! He said leave them alone because their motive was not to stop us but to include themselves with us!Jesus understood that there would be differences in His Church on doctrine due to the humanity and the frailty of humanity. This is why we need do but one test to exclude- is the object of faith Jesus Christ as the Son of God? All else is adiaphora! So err on the side of love. Grant that we may be the one who is incorrect, and leave that excluding judgement to God! Amen!