Love in the Word Church

Focus: 2 Cor 13 (The Nail in the Sure Place)

As always, when Satan gets into the minds of people, he deceives them by getting them to doubt that God is God! After all that Paul had done, the haughty and the arrogant began to compete for the Corinthians hearts. They wanted to question the only thing that Paul left that had to be establish by faith. All knew what Paul had taught them, but the bedrock of Paul's testimony was his conversion and call by the risen Jesus Christ himself! This was his claim of authority! Satan is deceptive and often predictable. In order to undermine Paul, Satan's emissaries waited for Paul to leave and began to undercut his authority. If successful, they could weaken Paul's teachings by casting doubt or aspersions on his authority. We see this same tactic today. Rather than follow Gamaliel's (The Elder and leading authority of the Sanhedrin in the early first century CE) advice of letting God determine the future of dissonants in the faith, these scoundrels decided to weaken Paul's teachings by destroying his claim of authority!

Paul invokes an Old Testament commandment that governed the facts of a matter - by 2 or 3 witnesses was the Truth established among the people (Deu 17:6 and Deu 19:15). He calls them to test the matter! This rule, by some, is called the Nail in the Sure Place. It works like this. We both are looking at a piece of wood. This wood represents the Truth; however, what that Truth means "among humanity" depends on each onlooker's perspective. With only 1 witness (the first nail) is nailed to secure the proper perspective. This fails because all the board does is spin around the nail. One witness CANNOT established the True perspective of the Truth of a matter. However, if I nail a second nail, independent of the first nail (in a different place), the board or Truth is fixed and the perspective or meaning is fixed. This second nail is called the Nail in the Sure Place because the second nail establishes the perspective of the one Truth! The third nail is merely a precaution in case the second nail is found unreliable! Often eternal, spiritual truths can be demonstrated in the natural. This is also the reason why bearing false witness was a heinous crime in Judaism and indeed the subsequent world! It is also what makes the Solomon's Choice between 2 mothers, a wonder! So by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall God's standard be established on earth among humanity!

Be careful of what others try to convince you. Test everything out for yourself. Look for that second or third witness to establish a matter and follow Isaiah's advice, "Put not your trust in the arms of flesh". In other words, Follow God, not man! Always inspect a person's motivation and choose accordingly! Praise God!